Creating new users (profiles):

'Users' in Pegasus are like 'Identities' in Outlook Express.  Users can be very helpful especially if you have more than one person using Pegasus.  Creating a different user keeps your e-mails and settings private.  Taking advantage of this functionality, is like having your own version of Pegasus.

To create a new User, follow these steps:

On the Toolbar, click Addresses and select User management from the drop-down menu.

The Pegasus Mail Users window opens.

Here you can create, remove, and edit the users (profiles).

Click the New button to create a new user.

Username  =  Give the user a name.
Personal name  =  Enter the name of the person who will be the user.

Click OK when finished.

We now have a new user for Pegasus.  Create as many as you need.

Click the Close button when finished.

Note:  You still need to create an identity (e-mail account) for the new user (profile).  You'll need to change from the current user to the new one.

Changing Between Users:

In Pegasus, you can change between users easily.

On the Toolbar, click File and select Change user from the menu.

The following window appears:

Username  =  Enter the username of the user account (profile).

Click the OK button.

One of two things will happen:

1.  The wizard will launch allowing you to create a new identity (e-mail account).  Click here for screenshots.
2.  The wizard doesn't launch, click here for screenshots.


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