Dealing with spam:

Opera is designed with a series of built-in rules that help detect whether an e-mail message is legitimate or spam.  You can adjust the level of this internal filter and even add to the filter by doing the following:

On the Toolbar, click Mail and select Filters from the menu.

In the left-hand column, highlight the Spam filter.


Check the box Learn from messages added to and removed from filter.

Internal filter  =  Select your desired level of protection from the menu.

Note:  Internal filters are not 100% accurate.  You'll want to check the Spam folder to ensure Opera isn't labeling good messages as spam.

Also, you can add additional rules to the internal filter by clicking the Add rule button.

Click the OK button.

Opera diverts any messages labeled as spam to the Spam folder.  Check it periodically for good e-mail.


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