Creating Message Filters:

Filters are used to help organize your e-mail automatically and even send certain types of e-mail to the spam folder so you don't have to see them.  In this example, we'll enable Opera to send e-mail to the folder we just created:  'Family'.

To create a filter, do the following:

On the Toolbar, click Mail and select Filters from the menu.

The Message filters window appears.

Highlight the 'Family' folder.


Select the option Learn from messages added to and removed from filter.

Click the Add rule button.


To the right you'll see three fields.  I've selected From header from the first, and Contains from the second.  In the third field I entered

Now any message that contains '' as the from header will be placed automatically in the 'Family' folder.

There are many types of filters to create.  Be creative.  Spammers are.

You can click the Add rule button again to add additional e-mail addresses to the filter.

When finished, click the OK button to save the filter and to close the window.

Opera diverts any message from the addresses you entered to the Family folder.


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