Finding Message Headers:

Headers are the e-mail addresses of the senders or recipients, date/time of the e-mails, subjects, etc.  You can use headers to decipher who is really sending you e-mails.  If you receive spam, you can locate the headers of the message and send them to your Internet service provider.  They can then contact or black list the ISP from which the e-mails originated.  The following tutorial explains how to locate all the message headers.

Click on the e-mail in question to view the message.

Below the name of the message you'll see several common headers:  From, To, Subject, Date, Reply-To, etc.

However, usually not all the headers are displayed.  To get all the headers, you need to click the Display all headers link.

You can now view several more headers:  Received, Message Id, etc.  These can help your Internet service provider decipher where the spam originated.

Highlight all the header information.
Right click one of the headers and select Copy from the menu.
Compose a new e-mail message, right click and select Paste from the menu.
E-mail the headers to your Internet Service Provider.  The ISP can then take appropriate action.


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